Six articles live on Pets4Homes

A busy few days with no less than six articles being published on Pets4Homes over the past week. We’ve been commissioned to do another ten this week (having already produced over 40 articles so far) so we must be doing something right.

horseballFor the equine expert:

Some for the unusual pet fans:


Wolverine 3D (15) – New review up on Close-Up Film



Are you available to go to a preview of Wolverine 3D, with Hugh Jackman introducing? I’ll see if I can make space in my calendar…

A darker film that the other X-Men outings, but much more inkeeping with the brooding Logan.



Equine articles up on Pets4Homes

pets4homes-logoAnother week, another three articles!

And for the game bird fan, one of my most popular articles (surprisingly):

Lots of information for the next 10 is being researched. Stick insects are amazing!



New articles on Pets4Homes

pets4homes-logoThree new articles on Pets4Homes this week – some unusual pets and sports to consider!

We are writing ten 1000 word articles per week, and they will be appearing staggered over the coming months. Loads of new species and sports to consider.

Happiness Runs (15) – New review up on Close-Up Film

close-uplogo250Released on the 8th July, the DVD review of Happiness Runs is now up on Close-Up Film.

Not to spoil it for anyone, but if you have the choice between this film and Skins, go for Skins!

The girl from nowhere (15) – New review on Close-Up Film



A French subtitled horror movie made on a shoestring, you say. Oh well I shall watch it…WHAT THE HELL?! Well that was unexpected.

A truly weird little gem of a film, with a view of the supernatural that is very unusual. For those who like two good jumps, and the surreal, I definitely recommend The girl from nowhere.

Three new articles available on Pets4Homes

pets4homes-logoAnother three articles have just been published on the UK’s leading pet classifieds site. We must be doing something right, as we have been commissioned for another 10!



To learn more about horses and rabbits, or review out portfolio of work, check out the following:

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FTO now on Pinterest

Pinterest-Logo-Vector-by-Jon-Bennallick-02FTO has now expanded to Pinterest – this is a great free app for all businesses to use to help provide quick links to pertinent content.

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Tropicalia (12A) – new review on Close-Up Film


FTO’s first article is up on Close-Up Film – a review of the Brazilian documentary Tropicalia.

To read the review, click here: Tropicalia (12A) 

We’ve also reviewed Get Lucky, White of the Eye, and Him Indoors so look out for those when the films are released.

New articles up on Pets4Homes

what-boots-should-my-horse-wear-51d29840c849bAfter a flurry of activity, FTO has had four more articles published on Pets4Homes:

Another four will be following over the coming days, so keep an eye out on our blog for more links.