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After ten years’ of experience, For Tomorrow Online has been created to help equine businesses exploit the internet and social media. We have worked in racing, and have developed a package to help a racing yards and trainers use the internet to help their careers, without breaking the bank.

iGallopsNewWhy is it important to have a strong internet and social media presence? 

An online presence is becoming everything in the business world. How it looks, the quality and quantity of links you have to clients and brands is now what people come to trust. It is your reputation at a glance. Trainers already have relationships with their owners and jockeys, but a strong presence can help attract sponsors, new clients and, more importantly, keep your Yard’s reputation at the top of the field.

Visibility is everything – it is part of your pitch before you even meet a potential owner. By keeping your business brand strong, it can open up more possibilities for you – providing concise and controlled information to reporters, punters, tipsters and owners keeps your yard and your brand in the spotlight. Word-of-mouth and your hard work will then do the rest.

Guide_where-to-watch_winner-imageHow can I use the web to improve my relationship with owners and the press?

  • Remind owners and breeders of their successes – reminding owners, breeders and sponsors of your yard of your successes develops a  strong relationship. It will improve the bond to ensure you continue to get future business.
  • Attract new clients – improving your presence and brand will add to the word of mouth reputation you already have. As owners and partnerships become more media-savvy, your reputation as a yard will be reinforced by your web brand. Collect all of your successes in one place, it is the perfect advert.
  • Connect with your followers – fans, punters and tipsters, all can enhance your reputation online. Connecting with them directly helps get correct news out quickly, and promotes your yard in a positive way with more exposure.
  • Advertise new opportunities, owners and horses in your yard – launching sponsors or new horses will help add a buzz to your yard online. It promotes your reputation, whilst highlighting the new roster you have. Owners will want to be part of the buzz, and will feel included.
  • Find new Sponsors – existing sponsors will be checking your online presence to make sure it is inkeeping with their brand; new ones will be looking to see who you are, what you say, and where they can get their brand online for more visibility.
  • Give Reporters the facts you want them to use – reporters are always looking for facts, figures and soundbites. Provide them all in one place, where you can control it.
  • Jockey Agents – your existing agents will want to review what people are saying about you online, and review your entries to propose new riders.
  • Other trainers – researching the competition, or just sharing jokes from the gallops.

BM-2012What can we do to help?

The key is to create your web presence so it fits in with your existing day job. It must be quick to set up, easy to update and above all cost-effective. The internet is a maze of methods.

We can find a method to suit your aims – improve the brand, attract new clients, keep those you have informed. We design and manage websites and social media. Services we can offer you are:

  • Creating or redesigning your website – we can find the right, existing blog sites to build a site that is professional and easy to update. We are experts in designing a site that suits your’s and your customers needs. We will also identify places to link to (to reduce the need to update daily i.e. Racing Post profiles) and advertise should you require more exposure.
  • Creating new, complimentary pages – creating Facebook business pages, Twitter feeds, Photo boards of your yard’s wins, and even Wikipedia pages can help drive people to your site, and control the facts about your yard so it is always focused on your successes. These would be integrated so you dont have to spend lots of time maintaining them all. The newest trend is to create fan pages and Twitter feeds for your top horse – they receive a lot of publicity which helps advertise your yard to fans and future owners.
  • Creating regular newsletters – send updates to your owners, sell yard successes to large brands you are looking to sponsor you, create general newsletters for press and public to follow. We can create and manage these lists, writing content based on your requirements.
  • Writing content for your site – good content is the key to any website. We can rewrite any existing content so it is web friendly, and picked up by search engines.
  • Managing you website and social media – to help you focus on training, we can manage your sites. From monthly calls, to just monitoring the press and your posts, we can create content and attract clients with little input. We will always adhere to your direction and aims. We can create mailing lists to attract new owners, and respond to any press requirements you have.

We are also developing a package of services for Jockeys, to help them improve their profile.


If you want to know more, or would like to book our services email us at: We are more than happy to discuss your proposition over the phone or face to face.  For an idea of all our web services and prices, please view our provisional price list.

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