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Silver Service that doesnt break the bank

Our aim to set create professional websites for you, which have little cost overheads. There is a range of products available to do this – this is where our expertise can help. We set it up, then you can spend as much or as little time on it as you need.

No time? We also can manage your sites and social media. We can create content based on news released through the press, your Tweets, or regular calls to discuss successes, campaigns or updates for your fans.

Below is a list of the many services we offer, and some guide prices. We provide quotes to any request, and will offer discounts for multiple services. With our expertise, you will always get the best option – we will advise on what is best for your business needs.

Improving your online presence

Provisional Prices (exc. VAT)
Creating or redesigning a website We build sites in a number of online packages (i.e. WordPress, Weebly, etc.), so they are easy to update and cheap to run after creation. Redesign will include: design, navigation, links. £120 per day (plus URL registration fees, hosting charges if required) Content migration or rewriting is additional.
Writing content (example one) (example two) We can create new or rewrite existing content to suit a specific audience – clear, simple and concise every time. £20 per 500 words
Statistical and User Experience analysis Not sure what to do with your existing site? Want to know what ways to start or reinvigorate your online brand? We can produce a report outlining what options are available, and how you can use them. £100+
Pinterest boards (example) This is a useful site to collect images from around the web of your achievements – your fans can follow and repin your galleries. £30+ to create; £15+ per month to maintain
Flickr sets (example) A simple site where you can upload your photos from your phone, to build up a gallery. It also allows you to order photo copies. £30+ to create
Facebook Business and Fan Pages (example one) (example two) Business Pages compliment your existing website, directing traffic and also capturing comments. If you are a new business, it is also an easy, free way to start your web presence. It can also be integrated with Twitter so you only post once. £60+ to create; £10+ per month to maintain
LinkedIn profiles All equine professionals should be on LinkedIn, a place where you can show your education, skills, experience and gather testimonials from clients. We can set it up using your CV, and link to appropriate networks. £40+ to create
Wiki page creation (example) Wiki is the most searched resource on the web. Adding a page on your professional achievements and background, or your stallion at stud, will help direct traffic to your site. £30+ to create
Wiki page editing If you have a page that already exists, it is always wise to keep it maintained to ensure the information is correct. We can update it, adding in appropriate information and removing content that isn’t correct. £15+ per month to maintain
Twitter set up (example) This includes registering an account, finding appropriate followers and adding branding to your page. £60+ to create
Event Twitter Running a show, demo or lecture? We can attend to Tweet live from the event to your followers. £140+ per day
Etsy Shop If you sell art, books or have logo clothing for your yard, you can use Etsy as a market place. We can create the store, add your products, then let you collect the sales. £75+ to create


Reaching your clients

Provisional Prices (exc. VAT)
Identifying places to advertise When you have a site, you need to advertise it. We can identify online and offline sources. £100+
Newsletters Based on your email lists, we can produce attractive email newsletters to send to new and potential clients. £100+ per newsletter (this will be cheaper if required regularly)
Print and online media advertisements We can design your business and sale advertisements for magazines, so it meets print requirements. We can also create banners and online sale ads. £30+ to create print or online ad
Leaflet and poster creation We can create leaflets to advertise your events or professional services. £60+ (printing fees additional)


Note: All examples were created by For Tomorrow Online Ltd.

If you are interested in any of the services we offer, or just want to know more, please complete the form below or write to me directly at:

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